Growth Hormone And Its Effects


Various effects of the peptides have been tested so far. Particularly it has a greater effect when combined with the Growth Hormone. The production of growth hormone, in general, is greater during the adolescence stages of the species. This is when the growth hormone is released into the blood stream that causes a growth spurt. Sometimes during the sleeping time as well the growth hormones secretion is seen to be higher for certain animals. The insulin growth factors are one of the most important factors in the growth hormone. This is due to a chemical called as Somatomedin C. It acts either directly or indirectly with the consumption of insulin and affects every organ in the body. None of them can escape the growth hormone. American Science Labs – ghrp is one of the supplies for this peptide that reacts with the growth hormone in a positive manner. Some of the research paper can be accessed on the internet such as

The growth hormone on its own and the insulin growth factors(IGF-1) vary in a single day and it measuring them can help us understand their effects on the body as such. The IGF-1 is directly responsible for any benefits that are associated with the Growth Hormone and it is 10 times more potent. Until today, the growth hormone is under severe investigation for its medicinal properties. In future, IGF-1 can become the best among the growth hormones if the studies are to be believed. So many researchers are conducting studies on this and their effect if known can be outstanding for revolutionizing medicines for many ailments.

When it comes to acting as an anti-aging agent, the IGF-1 is said to be the best. They help in reversing the shrinking of thymus which results in aging. In fact, this acted much better than the actual growth hormones itself. Therefore, both IGF-1 and Growth hormone are significantly important for all living animals. Using only IGF-1 also resulted in increasing levels of both the hormones. Therefore, the anti-aging properties are higher.

Apart from its anti-aging properties, the effects of the hormones on brains are also phenomenal. Both the Growth hormone and the IGF-1 has great capacities to treat any conditions associated with the brain. It can reverse the effects of any neurodegenerative disorders. A research team in New Zealand has confirmed that IGF-1 can stop the death of brain cells. Following a brain injury, when the baby lamb is injected with IGF-1, they were able to recover the damaged neurons and stop cells that could have otherwise died. Apoptosis is the damage that occurs in the brain cells during the first three days of death.

For all the treatments, the most effective ones were stopping the death of brain cells. Especially in areas such as cortex and other areas that are linked to memory and thinking. It also helped with the striatum which is associated with the Parkinson’s disease. Therefore, IGF-1 is capable of reducing the seizures in many animals that were suffering from brain damage. It also opens up any avenues to treat babies that are suffering from brain conditions as well.