Time To Challenge Your Eating Habits


Advocare is a company that manufactures nutritional supplements. The 24-day challenge is aimed at using a combination of probiotics, vitamins, Omega3 fatty acids and cleansing options that can help in improving the way your body functions. It certainly helps in losing a lot of weight which is why we are discussing it here at Jades Diet Blog. When you purchase the Advocare challenge pack, it comes with pills, drinks for fiber and energy drinks, other meal replacement supplement drinks. The 24-day challenge allows you to get the products and use them. If this is your first time on a diet, make sure to check out, http://www.livestrong.com/article/390541-facts-statistics-about-dieting/ to get the national statistics on dieting.

The 24-day challenge requires you to consume the products in a particular order and then puts your body at high energy levels. The first ten days of the challenge is dedicated to the cleansing process where you remove the toxins present in your body and prepare your body.  This process is called as the Detox Plan. The next stage is called as Max stage where the overall metabolism of your body is improved. The combination of these two results in your body losing unwanted substances and functions better. This improves the energy levels and overall metabolism of the body. Therefore, the challenge is designed in such a way that it helps in both weight loss as well as enhancing the metabolism.

It’s not enough if you consume the Advocare products alone. You need to eat the right food items that are rich in fibers and proteins. Drinking the correct amount of water also is critical to the weight loss process. Taking the supplements in the correct order is also very important. The challenge is specifically designed at each stage to enhance the functions of the body at the same time provide the necessary nutrients and nutritional supplies that are required. Similar results can be achieved without using Advocare by following a diet regimen and good exercise. However, they might not be as effective as using Advocare.

Apart from the regimen of exercise and supplements, quitting sugar can aid weight loss. Avoid eating sugary items like cakes, cookies and ice cream. Eliminating sugar right foods can show great results. Tracking what you eat in terms of the number of calories will help you to realize the nutritional value. There are lots of mobile apps like MyfitnessPal that is available for tracking your calorie intake.  Avoiding aerated drinks that are rich in caffeine and sugar will also be a good idea. Watch what you are eating and then consider the nutrient value of each dish before consuming it.

Initially, some of the signs you must feel are the complete lack of energy, poor memory, unable to concentrate for a longer period and cravings for sugary food. Post the 24-day challenge you will notice that you have better energy levels, the ability to focus on your work improved metabolism and of course weight loss. You feel energetic right from the moment you wake up and your energy levels remain consistent throughout the day. You do not have any unnecessary cravings and choose to eat better as well.

Overall, the 24-day challenge is one of the best options to start eating right and lose weight.