Excellent Solution For Snoring Problem


Snoring has been a big problem that many people have faced, many times in their lives. You have already probably tried a few mouthpieces as a solution for that never-ending problem. There are many anti-snoring devices available in the market, but you need to be extra cautious while selecting the best mouthpiece, which could give some respite to your worry. Most top rated snoring mouthpiece are the most developed kinds of snoring solutions invented by dentists, doctors and designers. You can contact mayoclinic.org to get consultations regarding oral appliances which definitely is a good thing to keep you from snoring.

Kinds of oral appliances to stop snoring
There are two kinds of oral appliances that can keep you from snoring. The first device is called jaw holding mouthpiece and the second one is known as a tongue holding mouthpiece. Both devices work in different ways. The right device for the right person can work very well, but the selection should be made with great care. First, you should be aware of the differences between both devices.

How does a Jaw retaining mouthpiece work
A jaw retaining mouthpiece resembles an athletic mouth guard, which is fitted by moving the jaw to a position to keep it in, during sleep. Long ago medical experts were convinced that snoring was directly caused by the jaw. The old jaw retainers had to be custom made by the dentist, which cost more. The latest devices are made of thermoplastic and are fitted by the boil and bite method. The price of these devices have dropped, due to the competition factor, and improved the product quality.

Pros and cons of jaw retainers
Jaw retainers can cause some soreness for the first or two weeks, in the mouth, as you start using it. Sometimes there may be saliva problems, gag reflexes or facial pain, but with newer devices and two piece devices, these problems do not occur. Improved material and new adjustment features
have helped in eliminating these problems.

How does a tongue retaining mouthpiece work
Since medical experts found that the tongue was the leading cause of snoring, they invented a device that could be attached to the tongue. Tongue retaining mouthpieces are very comfortable devices which need not be fitted in the mouth. They do not have the risk of choking or gagging, while you sleep as they are literally holding your tongue for you. They are usually attached to the tip of the tongue, by a vacuum method which resembles a baby’s pacifier.

Risks and side effects of tongue retainers
There are no side effects or risks involved in using tongue retainers. It does not cause gag reflexes too, as does not go near your throat. The tongue retainers only touch the tip of the tongue and the outside of the lip. Even if it causes a tender spot on your tongue, it usually vanishes in less than one week.

These mouthpieces have the ability to cure effectively, various causes of snoring. If snoring is caused by the tongue or sleeping with your mouth open, both these devices could be beneficial to prevent snoring.

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