Packing Tips For A Winter Trip To London

People in tropical regions are used to sunshine and warmth, or a cool breeze that cuts through our warmest of apparel. They are not, however, used to wet and freezing conditions that are enough to put anyone in a foul mood. Sledding, skiing or playing in the snow are just a few of the wonderful things that you’ll be doing on your winter holiday in places like London.

However, when planning a trip to a snowy destination, few travelers ever think of what happens off of the slopes. A casual stroll through the old London city will surely make Your City Experience a memorable one. A glimpse at the website can reveal many things a traveler can enjoy during his or her trip to London during winter.

One Heavy Item
When holidaying in a wintery destination like London, you’ll find that you need one pair of reliable and waterproof shoes. Whether you opt for hiking boots or a more versatile casual work boot, be sure to opt for a pair that offers maximum comfort and dryness.

Keep in mind that carting a heavy travel bag through a little European town can put a dampener on anyone’s day – ensure that the one heavy item that goes into your bag is your pair of shoes. Opt for one or two pairs of lighter dress shoes for excursions to more formal restaurants.

Thermo-regulating Essentials
Not only will thermo-regulating essentials keep you warm while you’re showing off your skiing skills on the slopes, they will also ensure that you remain dry in the event of heavy snow or an unfortunate tumble. Lightweight and thin, these items can be rolled into the corners of your travel bags, or stuffed into your shoes. They include the following:

•Thermal underwear, at least two sets that can be washed.
•Thermal skiing socks.
•Thermal t-shirts and long-sleeved tops, enough to layer underneath fleecy tops and jackets.

You will also need to pack a few items that are not of a thermal nature. These include:
•Two pairs of waterproof gloves, one to be kept in your backpack in case you lose the other.
•Two warm hats or beanies that cover the ears.
•Cotton scarves – avoid wool as it freezes easily once wet.

Roll, but don’t fold
The best way in which to fit all of your winter gear into a travel bag is to roll the items. This will maximize the amount of space that you have in which to pack all of your heavier apparel and accessories. Fold smaller and lighter items, and use them to line the bottom and sides of the bag. Pack your toiletries into a compact bag that can be pushed up to the corners of the bag. Use smaller clothing items, underwear and socks to stabilize it.

Decant and De-clutter
The best way in which to minimise weight and maximise on space is to decant and de-clutter your toiletry, medicine and makeup bags. Decant large bottles of soap, shampoo, conditioner and moisturizer into smaller bottles, bearing in mind the liquid restrictions at airports. Make use of compact pill boxes for your medication and de-clutter your makeup bag to include only the essentials.